Programs & Services Offered

After School Tutoring 
Tutorials are held daily Monday-Thursday, to assist elementary, intermediate, and high school students with their school assignments and homework. Students receive tutoring from our teachers and volunteer tutors. The center also provides computer and internet access for assignments that require online completion. The center also offers basic printing services when needed. 
Sewing Classes 
From basic needle and thread stitches to using sewing machines to create projects of your choice. Classes aim to equip and empower women with skills that enhance their abilities in becoming successful employees. The curriculum provides the participants with a better understanding of the employment world and how to reach economic sustainability. A great opportunity to learn useful skills and knowledge about what sewing can do for you!
 Health Enrollment 
With much of the population living without medical insurance or sufficient knowledge of the topic, this service aims to educate and counsel community members who may need assistance in obtaining health insurance. In addition, community members also receive access to other beneficial resources that may assist them with health enrollment; as well as information about ongoing changes that may affect their ethnic community. 
Visit Us Thursdays from 9 am - 3 pm
Employment Assistance 
Hele to Work will be at the center 2nd and 4th Mondays 10 am-1 pm to guide and educate individuals about the employment process. Learn how to create a resume and cover letter, find jobs, and complete an application. In addition, learn the proper interview skills and put your expertise to the test through a mock interview. 
Hele2Work is on the 2nd and 4th Mondays from 10 am - 1 pm
Adult Education
Communication can be a barrier when your native language does not align with the English language. In hopes to close the language gap, learn the basics of the English language. From the alphabet and spelling to pronunciation and proper language use. 
Computer Literacy 
Sign up for a computer class and gain digital literacy.  Our computers are available to help you with paperwork, assignments, or complete tasks requiring computer access. The center provides internet access and Apple programs. Printing is also available at a small fee per page. 

*All programs and services are open to the public

Safe Haven aims to bring community success by providing programs and services that educate and encourage individuals and families to outgrow poverty. 

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