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The overall goal of the VISTAs' project at Safe Haven is to observe and evaluate the current programs and services offered and its effectiveness within the community. In order to propose implementations and improvements according to the needs and suggestions made by the community, VISTA members help develop programs and build capacity to address these topics.   


In addition, each individual VISTA member is given a specific role to contribute towards the greater goal. Some of these task include: volunteer recruitment, grant writing, and community outreach. Though, with much collaboration and team work, the VISTA members are able to maximize there skills and ideas in ways that bring about community engagement, participation, and program success.


VISTAs help collect meaningful data that reflects the successes of our families and students at the Waipahu Safe Haven Immigrant Resource Center, and the programs that it offers.

Meet Our VISTA Members


Federated State of Micronesia (Chuuk)

Being a volunteer recruiter has given me a big opportunity to push me out of my comfort zone and make connections around in the community. I wish for my VISTA role to have impacts on the young generations future whom are being recruit as volunteers for our organizations in our community. 


I am proud to be a VISTA member, and help build the capacity of our organization and enhance it's ability to serve in our community. VISTA have impacts on both my career ad the individuals served.

Service Term: November 2017-November 2018


Ewa Beach, Hawaii

As a VISTA member, my position is the organization's grant writer and data collector. My responsibilities include data collection, searching for funding and writing grant proposals/reports. Based upon the data of the center, it is my duty to ensure that there is sufficient funding for the programs and services that are offered at the center. Funding is crucial in order to maximize our resources and serve the community to the best of our ability. In addition, with much community engagement, I perform needs assessments and community surveys in order to create programs that best address the need(s). 

Based on the experience I have gained as a VISTA member thus far, I have learned the value of what it means to be a volunteer with the program and to serve the community and its people. In order to contribute to the VISTA mission, my hope is to continue to strengthen and bring upon structure to the organization in order to work towards the ultimate goal of the center- to  have the center be driven and ran by the community. I also hope to develop a program that will best address the needs presented by the community before the end of my term. To eliminate poverty and create a community of individuals who are economically self-sufficient is also a goal I hope to contribute towards during my term as a VISTA member. 

Service Term: February 2018-February 2019

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Safe Haven aims to bring community success by providing programs and services that educate and encourage individuals and families to outgrow poverty. 

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